3 Things to Know Before Installing Bi-Fold Doors in Your Home

Windows and doors can be multi-functional parts of your home. They give your home light, fresh air and a view. You may want these things to be aesthetically pleasing. The design you choose for your windows and doors will define their functionality. This is one of the reasons bi-fold doors are becoming popular for homes. They give all of the aesthetically pleasing aspects of traditional windows, with the added bonus of giving you more space and flexibility. [Read More]

Benefits of Fire Attenuation Screens

Fire attenuation screens are different than standard window screens, and you should ensure you choose these screens in particular if there is an increased risk of fire in your home or other facilities, even if not required to do so by law. Fire attenuation screens are typically meant to block air from coming into an interior space, so that they don't feed a fire. However, fire attenuation screens have many benefits other than not feeding a fire. [Read More]

Three Practical Tips for Prolonging Your Car Window Tint

Window tinting can be highly beneficial for your vehicle. In simple terms, the darkening of the windows will provide protection against ultraviolet radiation from the sun. As a result, you will be protected from the harmful rays, and your auto upholstery will be less susceptible to premature fading. Also, the tinting will provide privacy on the road. In addition, tinting can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Unfortunately, this type of treatment does not last forever. [Read More]