3 Things to Know Before Installing Bi-Fold Doors in Your Home

Windows and doors can be multi-functional parts of your home. They give your home light, fresh air and a view. You may want these things to be aesthetically pleasing. The design you choose for your windows and doors will define their functionality. This is one of the reasons bi-fold doors are becoming popular for homes. They give all of the aesthetically pleasing aspects of traditional windows, with the added bonus of giving you more space and flexibility. Here are choices you need to make when selecting your bi-fold doors.

Design and Color

Bi-fold doors can be purchased to use as room windows, and recently it is more popular to use them as whole wall doors. Their design allows them to fold in on themselves and open completely. This allows you to open part of your wall or even the whole wall. This is the first decision you will need to make when picking bi-fold doors for your home. What design do you want? You can choose how many partitions your bi-fold doors open into, whether they are for windows or a whole wall. Then you will pick a colour that accents your home and personality. Bi-fold doors are available in a wide variety of colours as well as materials.


Another choice that you need to make is about the material. Bi-fold doors come in wood, aluminium and metal frames. This decision is based mostly on preference. You will need to check though that the colour you want is available in the material you choose. While there are many colours of stains, it is best to be sure. You will also need to make a choice as to how much glass you want in your bi-fold doors. Again, this is dependent on your personal preference. With material comes a choice in glass. The varieties of glass will depend on the manufacturer. They can include tinted, clear, transitional and security glass, just to name a few.

The Cost

Finally, as it is to be expected of all door and window products, the final cost will often vary with the material, size and quality of the bi-fold doors. The more panels you add to the door, the more the cost increases. Bi-fold doors are available in several configurations, which means you will definitely find something that fits your budgetary needs. It is also prudent to keep in mind that other costs such as installation fees, delivery fees and taxes could affect the final pricing.

Bi-fold doors are a great and aesthetically beautiful addition to any home. They give you more space by allowing you to completely open your home. The many choices in design, colour and material make them perfect for any space. Also, the different choices available mean you will always find something to fit your budget. Whether you choose to do your whole wall or just your windows, you cannot go wrong with bi-fold doors for your home.