Benefits of Fire Attenuation Screens

Fire attenuation screens are different than standard window screens, and you should ensure you choose these screens in particular if there is an increased risk of fire in your home or other facilities, even if not required to do so by law. Fire attenuation screens are typically meant to block air from coming into an interior space, so that they don't feed a fire. However, fire attenuation screens have many benefits other than not feeding a fire. Knowing these benefits and features can ensure you choose these screens when needed, whether or not you're concerned about a fire risk at home or the office! 

Easier egress

Fire attenuation screens are often easier to open from the inside than standard window screens, in case someone needs to quickly exit a burning building. This can make them a good choice for a child's room or the room of an elderly person, who may struggle with standard screens in the event of an emergency. A screen that is easy to open can also be an excellent choice for a crowded office, where many people may need to escape out the window and there is no time for someone to be fumbling with a standard, clumsy screen!


Fire attenuation screens are meant to be very strong and durable so that they don't outright melt or warp when exposed to an open flame. The materials used for the screens also need to withstand exposure to excess water and fire-suppressing chemicals.

This durability makes these screens an excellent choice for homes or other buildings in the tropics, where screens are exposed to lots of salt water, or for structures located in areas with high traffic, where screens are exposed to fumes and emissions from vehicle engines. Fire attenuation screens will then be less likely to rust, discolour or otherwise need repair and replacing due to exposure to those damaging elements.


Fire attenuation screens are typically hinged so that a person can open them from the inside and crawl out a window. Because of this design, the screens will usually have a very secure locking mechanism, so that the screens can't be opened on their hinge from outside the window.

The durable material used for these screens also makes it difficult to cut through the mesh or simply bend them out of place. Because of their locking design and the materials from which they're made, fire attenuation screens are then typically very secure and a good choice for keeping out potential intruders and thieves.