Types of Skylights to Consider Installing in Your Home

Skylights provide a range of benefits, making a home brighter and more welcoming while reducing electrical lighting bills. You will notice several variations, which you can install in different rooms in the house.

Fixed Skylights

One option is a fixed skylight that allows the light to flow inside through a glass, acrylic or polycarbonate cover. You could put a fixed skylight in areas where ventilation isn't necessary, such as hallways or walk-in wardrobes. Make sure to select a size to suit the room's dimensions. If the skylight is too small, it can be ineffective, whereas it can create a glare if it's too large or several are too closely spaced. Your installer can advise you on the appropriate size, given the floor area and ceiling height.

Ventilated Skylights

Another option is a ventilated skylight, which allows daylight and fresh air to flow indoors. Some rooms, like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, generate a lot of heat and humidity, and a ventilated skylight will help to keep these rooms fresh and prevent mould.

Operable skylights are also ideal for an attic space, which will often be hot due to the tendency of warm air to rise. The skylight will allow you to keep this part of the house cool. If the attic has a sloping cathedral ceiling, you could install a roof window that you can open instead. With ventilating skylights, you can install either a manual or remote-controlled model.

Sun Tunnels

Another possibility is a sun tunnel if you have a small closet or powder room that needs extra light. These devices consist of a dome that captures light, and the rays then flow through a tube leading to the ceiling in the space below, which will have what looks like a ship's porthole.

Because a sun tunnel is made from flexible and reflective tubing, it can be set up in houses with roofs and ceilings that can't accommodate a traditional skylight. Sun tunnels are also helpful in small rooms, as they don't bring in too much light that could overpower the space.

Pyramid Skylights

If you want a skylight that makes a statement, you could fit a pyramid skylight with four planes joining to form a pyramid shape. This structure brings a lot of light into a home while adding an interesting sculptural element. Like a standard skylight, the pyramid model can be made of various materials, such as glass and polycarbonate.

For more information bout skylights, reach out to a local service.