Three Ways Double-Glazing Pays For Itself

Compared to many European countries, Australia's double-glazing uptake is unusually low. It's still relatively rare for even a new build to contain double-glazed doors and windows--meaning that existing homeowners often don't think to consider having theirs upgraded. In truth, however, double-glazing is the superior choice for almost every circumstance--and, if done well and installed correctly, will often pay for itself within a handful of years. So why is that, and should you take advantage of it for your home?

  1. Lower heating bills in the winter Much of the world thinks of Australia as being a hot country, but anyone who has visited New South Wales in mid-June will know that isn't always the case! Heating bills can soar in the cooler states during the winter months, and with gas price rises hitting hard everywhere in the world that can seem like a daunting prospect. Double-glazing your home is probably the single most effective thing you can do to help combat this: its insulating effects are unparalleled, and you'll be able to turn your heating down or off for many precious costly hours as a result.  
  2. Lower cooling bills in the summer Of course, Australian summers do get very hot—and in many parts of the country, baking temperatures are common all year round. Air conditioning is as expensive as heating, and as a result Australians often don't get the reprieve from high energy bills seen by European consumers in the summer months. Even if you don't have air conditioning installed in your home, you're likely to be running fans all day and into the night—and it all adds up. The insulation provided by double-glazing is as effective at keeping out hot air as cold, meaning your newly-upgraded windows will be paying for themselves all year long.  
  3. Increased security and reduced risk of theft Of course, gas and electricity bills aren't the only costs of home ownership—and better temperature control isn't the only benefit of double-glazing. Double-glazed windows are also more secure: the glass is much harder to break, the frames are much tougher to crack open, and the locks are often far more difficult to compromise than those found in sash or hinge windows. Solid double-glazing throughout all the doors and windows of your home will make you a much less appealing target for intruders and thieves and is an excellent step toward making sure your home and your family are as safe as possible.

For more information on double-glazed windows and doors, contact a professional near you.