Why You Should Install a Home Skylight

If your home has areas that receive little natural daylight, you may consider installing a skylight. Here are several positive attributes of these fixtures.


You can install a skylight virtually anywhere in a house because they're so adaptable. For example, you could fit a skylight in a hallway area, which rarely has windows. You can also place them in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas. In a dark closet, you could establish a sun tunnel, a variation on a standard skylight. On these structures, a roof dome connects to a tunnel that runs through the crawl space. In an attic with a cathedral ceiling and not much roof cavity area, you could install a skylight window that opens like a vertical window, though it's on a slope.

Capture Light More Efficiently

Sometimes vertical windows let limited daylight inside, as buildings, fences, and trees block the flow. Additionally, the light captured by vertical windows typically reflects from nearby objects like the ground or foliage. Conversely, because skylights face upwards, they catch much more light compare to a similar-sized vertical window. Roof openings typically have fewer obstructions as well. However, you may build a skylight with shading from overhanging leaves deliberately.

Save Electricity

Your home will be filled with natural light. Plus, you'll save on electricity bills, as you won't have to rely on artificial lights so much during the day. Skylights let you take advantage of free illumination rather than spending money and creating greenhouse gases by turning on light switches when it's unnecessary.

Design Flexibility

Compared to vertical windows, which rely on wall area, installing a skylight in the ceiling provides more flexibility. You can choose different sized skylights, blending several over a ceiling for a more even spread of illumination throughout the room. You can place them in different spots on the ceiling as well. 

A more central light source can also provide you with more freedom in the room arrangement. Conversely, vertical windows dictate how you can arrange furniture to some degree.

Energy Efficiency

A skylight brings in brightness while allowing you to create a cosy feel in the wintertime. You can install double glazing or other energy-efficient options on the skylight, just like with a window. You can also install blinds and other coverings that can be operated remotely when you want to create darkness. A ventilating skylight will also let hot air escape and make your home more comfortable.