The Logical Impact Behind an Extra Pane: Double-Glazed Windows and Why They Are Worth the Extra Cost

When it comes to windows in modern homes, bigger is usually seen as better. Bigger windows bring in more natural light, which not only reduces the use of electrical lights but also brings out the natural beauty of the interiors.

Although windows are essential to your home, including a lot of glass in your home's design can make a huge difference in how comfortable and functional your home is. Without proper window insulation, bigger is not better, and more glass equals more energy cost.

The good news is that you can create a more functional home environment while still keeping your large windows. An extra pane could be the answer you've been looking for!

The use of an extra pane of glass is commonly known as double glazing. Using two panes of glass can easily reduce the energy spent on regulating temperatures inside your home. The less the energy used to cool or heat up your home, the lower your energy bills.

Other than saving you on heating and cooling cost, double-glazed windows offer a host of other benefits that are worth every extra penny.

Noise reduction

Single panes in standard windows aren't enough to provide noise insulation, especially if you live near a busy street, a noisy neighbourhood or a windy area. Double glazing will also contain noise levels within your home, so you don't have to worry about disturbing your neighbours during parties and large family events.

Better for the environment

With increased emphasis on sustainable building, many homeowners are paying more attention to renewable energy sources and home products that waste less power. An extra pane makes your home more energy efficient by cooling it down in summer and heating it in winter. This reduces your home's carbon footprint, which makes a huge difference in pushing for a better environment.

Added security

A high number of home invaders gain access through windows and doors. The composition and design of double-glazed windows prove very difficult to break through. By adding an extra pane of glass, chances of an intruder gaining unauthorised entry into your home are reduced.

Further options for increased security measures are also available. For example, you can add safety glass to your windows, which makes it hard to break into your home.

Although an extra pane for every window in your home can seem a bit costly at first, it will end up saving you a lot of money by reducing your energy bills. Also, double-glazed windows instantly increase the value of your home.