3 Shrewd Tactics To Insulate Your Home's Windows When Winter Strikes

Windows are valuable additions to every home, but they need to be properly insulated during the cold winter weather to retain warmth inside your house. Poorly insulated windows will leave your home feeling uncomfortable and chilly, so you should ideally follow these shrewd tactics to insulate your home's windows when winter strikes. 

Seal Gaps For Preventing Cold Draughts From Entering Your Home

Draughts entering your home through gaps in windows and around window frames make your home chilly when the mercury drops outside. If you notice any of these gaps, you simply need to remove all dirt and debris from the area before sealing it with wood-friendly caulk. Caulk is available in a cartridge at most home improvement stores. This caulk simply needs to be applied onto the gap by inserting the cartridge into the caulk gun. Once inserted, you can squeeze the paste out of it and into the gaps. Once the caulk dries, the gaps will have closed completely and your draught problem near your windows will no longer exist.

Install Window Insulation Films For Trapping And Retaining Heat Indoors

Apart from window tinting films, you can also get window insulation films from a hardware store or even online. These plastic films are applied to the inside of your window frame. The window film traps heat and directs it back into the interiors of your home to keep it warm during winters, allowing you to save a significant amount of money on heating costs. Window insulation films are usually applied using double-stick tape and heated with hairdryers for shrinking the film to remove any wrinkles and air pockets. This allows the film to adhere properly to the glass surface of your windows.

Add Heavy Fabric Layered Curtains For Preserving Heat Inside The Room

Layered curtains made from heavy fabrics like velvet, corduroy or wool blends will protect your windows from the cold winter winds, while keeping out unwanted draughts from the rest of your home's interiors. Layered curtains not only present functional value when it comes to preserving interior heat, but they also deliver unparalleled aesthetic prowess in any room. The best part is that you have the flexibility to match these layered curtains to any existing colour and décor scheme without worrying about them sticking out. If you're worried about blocking out light, you can pair heavy fabrics with lighter fabrics like sheer and lace for bringing in natural light during the day and keeping out cold winds at night.

Follow these shrewd tactics in your quest to insulate your home's windows during the cold winter months.