Why Double-Glazed Windows Are a Sound Investment?

Sound is delightful. However, sounds can turn into noise which is a nuisance that makes work, learning or sleep difficult. If you are dogged by a noise problem, the best way is to stop the sound at its source, however in some cases that's simply not an alternative. If your home is adjacent to a construction site, a noisy nightclub, or you have a youthful neighbor who plays loud music, having the volume reduced may be almost impossible. Moreover, you might be a DJ or musician and you want to spare your neighbors from suffering the noises you make during practice sessions at your house. Regardless, your thoughts are inkling towards soundproofing. So, how can you make sure you have a quiet and serene interior environment that is noise-free? Here's a closer look.

Noise route

The initial, obvious step is to insulate the routes through which noise penetrates your room. Generally, the weakest point for sound entry to and from your house is through the windows. People noise, traffic noise and general environment sounds will enter your house through the windows. The single-paned window isn't effective in inhibiting outside noise. Instead, double-glazed windows are well-suited to stop noise penetration into your home.

How double glazed windows stop noise

As the name implies, double-glazed windows feature two glass panes tucked within one window frame. In between the two window panes is an empty space or cavity full of inert gases such as argon. The air cavity between the window panes is what insulates the window against noise.

The air cavity within the two glass panes serves as a buffering zone. Generally, the outer pane facing the outdoors is thicker than its counterpart. Therefore, this blocks a significant amount of noise that passes through it. In case any sounds manage to pass the outer pane, the air cavity which features inert gases is able to dilute the noise by preventing sound frequencies from vibrating from the outer pane to the other pane. As a result, sound energy is weakened and noise entry is limited. The distance between the two glass panes in a double glazed unit affords depth to the air space or cavity. It follows that the larger the depth, the better the sound insulation.

In conclusion, double-glazed windows are a good investment for those who reside in cities, or closer to a busy street, night club or an airport as they guarantee a calmer, serene home.