Follow These Guidelines to Apply Frosted Film on Your Windows and Glass Doors

If you are looking to add some privacy to your glass windows and the glass parts on your entry door, frosted films are an excellent choice. They will add some level of privacy to your home and still allow enough light to pass through. DIY application of the film to your windows is a simple task that you can accomplish, but you need to do it the right way. To help you, here are a few steps to follow when applying the film on your glass windows and doors.

Step 1

Start with measurements. Measure the width and height of the glass pane on which you want to apply the frosted pane and write down the figures. From these measurements, deduct approximately 5 mm or so to leave room for some tolerance. Mark the new measurements on the backing sheet.

Step 2

Using a utility knife, a scalpel, or a pair of scissors, carefully cut along the marked lines. Check that the film will fit the door or windowpane by placing it on the pane.

Step 3

Mix liquid soap with some water in a spray bottle and spray the solution on your window or door glass. The soapy solution is important because it can eliminate bubbles and will make it easy to reposition the frosted film when fitting.

Step 4

After spraying the glass, you are ready to peel off the backing. Start from one corner and have someone else to help you by holding the revealed side of the film at this corner while you peel off the backing towards the second corner. Make sure you do this along the width such that the other person can easily hold the film at two corners before you can peel off the rest of the backing.

Step 5

After the backing is peeled off completely, determine which will be the top corners of the film and lift them up carefully with the sticky side facing your door or window. Apply the film carefully on your window or door and slide it on your glass to reposition it perfectly so that there are equal gaps around the edges.

Step 6

Wrap some tissue around your credit card and smooth over the frosted film from the centre working outwards to the edges. Doing this will remove the excess soapy solution and allow every part of the film to make full contact with your glass. Remember to move the credit card carefully to prevent the film from moving as well and changing its position. However, even if the film moves, you can always slide it back into position. Contact the film's manufacturer to learn more.